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Michael Bennet, Dem.

- For Paris climate agreement

- For renewable energy subsidies


Joe Biden, Dem.

- Against subsidization of domestic production of oil

- For taxign carbon emissions


Cory Booker, Dem.

- Against withdrawal of Paris climate agreement

- Against domestic oil subsidies


Steve Bullock, Dem.

- The government should do more to combat climate change through subsidies


Pete Buttigieg, Dem.

- Has not specificallys supported a carbon tax

- Supports the Green New Deal


Julian Castro, Dem.

- Promise to bring US back into Paris agreement with first executive order

- History of adopting renewable energy pledges


Bill De Blasio, Dem.

- Pursue policies that require large buldings to reduce fossil fuel emissions

-Mandate updates to increase energy efficiency

John Delaney, Dem.

- Commitments to further green energy production

- Use power of markets to respond to climate change


Tulsi Gabbard, Dem. 

-Against subsidies for nuclear energy equal to green energy sources

-End corporate subsidies for fossil fuel industry


Kirsten Gillibrand, Dem.

- For Clsoe Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act

-Aims for green economy in 10 years


Kamala Harris, Dem.

-For subisdies for renewable energy

- For subsidies for energy efficincy












2020 Presidential Candidates

Nearly halfway into 2019 and the number of declared presidential candidates continues to grow. This page provides a brief overview of the decalared candidates. 

To be included in the list, a candiate must have declared their intention to run. Undecided candidates are not included. A blurb of each candidate's professed environmental policy is included with each candidate's name. 

John Hickenlooper, Dem.

-Has not endorsed subsidies for fossil fuels

- Against limiting fracking


Jay Inslee, Dem.

- Supported 2009 Recovery act investements in renewable energy

- For a carbon tax


Amy Klobuchar, Dem.

- Domestic il should not recieve tax credits

- Supported American Renewable Energy Act


Wayne Messam, Dem.

- Open to a carbon tax

- Supports decreased use of nuclear energy


Seth Moulton, Dem.

- For cap and trade emissions policy

- For a carbon tax


Beto O'Rourke, Dem.

- Lifted ban on crude oil exports

- Against nuclear and fossil fuel research


Tim Ryan, Dem.

-Supports investment in energy efficiency, including wind, solar, and vehicle technologies

- Invest in EPA


Bernie Sanders, Dem.

-Against tax breaks for nuclear industry

- Supports End Polluter Welfare Act


Eric Swalwell, Dem.

- Against DERDA Act

Supports funding for R&D in EERE


Elizabeth Warren, Dem.

-Supports inquiries into economic impact of exported liquefied natural gas

- Supports research into domstic critical minerals


Marianne Williamson, Dem.

-Against nuclear energy development

-For extending ffederal incentives for renewable energy


Andrew Yang, Dem.

-For nuclear energy development

-For a carbon fee and dividend system


Donald Trump, Rep.

-Against Paris agreement

-For nuclear energy development


Bill Weld, Rep.

- For Paris agreement

- US should meet targets similar to other industrialized nations